Integrated Solutions, Inc.

About Us

The Integrated Solutions team has been designing and implementing custom software solutions since 1994. Teamwork is the basis of our success. What can be accomplished without collaboration is limited. The efficiency and quality provided by a team is far superior.

We are invested in the success of our fellow team members, and in turn our team is invested in the long-term success of our clients and their projects. While we usually start with one project for a client, we often develop an ongoing partnership that supports our client’s growth and helps clients to plan strategic change.

Due to our strong client relationships, we are often able to implement solutions in 3 to 6 months, making us an industry leader in system lifecycle lengths. This saves money and provides the client with the tool they need quickly.

Our company and team members are located in the United States. We work for geographically disbursed US companies; however, many of our clients are in the New York City or Philadelphia metro regions.