Integrated Solutions, Inc.

Getting Started

We begin discussing the scope of your project during the initial phone meeting, and we continue to study your workflows to come up with solutions that work for you.

Some of our clients are able to provide us with assessments and documentation. This is always helpful when it is available.

However, for those companies with a limited IT department, we will do our own analysis of your current software, data processing, hardware, and server capacity. We also conduct interviews with management so that we understand your management goals. We partner with you in identifying areas for automation, and help you to improve your workflow with your input.

After we have been hired, we often discuss workflow and change recommendations with the users that will be using the solutions. We like to get input from those who are most familiar with day-to-day operations.

While each project is different, we usually implement in manageable stages so that you can experience a more immediate benefit from your investment. Each stage usually lasts just 3 to 6 months. Most projects are 1 to 3 stages, depending upon management goals and objectives.