Integrated Solutions, Inc.

Data Warehouses

for Unified Reporting

When companies merge or are purchased, chaos may ensue. Traditionally the smaller companies have had to adapt much of the technology of the larger parent company to become compatible. This results in expensive IT initiatives to replace systems that are already adequate. The focus on the IT initiatives can negatively affect the transition.

There is an alternative. The existing systems, databases, and workflows can be kept intact. The data from the disparate systems can then be pulled together into a larger collective data warehouse, to allow a single report or view. This allows smaller companies to continue to use their systems until replacement or updating is needed for business reasons.

When transactions are processed, it is copied and then converted and stored in a large data warehouse. All of the data is then available from the data warehouse. Users can efficiently run reports, analyze information, and search for data taken from many sources at once.

If your applications also need to exchange information, you can read more about that on our Integration page. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about your project.