Integrated Solutions, Inc.


Using integration, businesses are maximizing profitability by getting data to work harder. From large corporations to small data-intensive companies, we have been helping our clients to leverage their existing information resources since 1994.

Information is only valuable if it is accessible and correct. This is the cornerstone principle for integration, a process that allows two or more systems to communicate with each other to strategically share and transfer existing data. Using integration, one system can view and (at times) edit information from another system that has a separate database. This relieves your staff of the burden of maintaining duplicate sets of the same data. Processes are simplified. The quality and timeliness of information are improved.

Many business owners dream of the day when their applications will seamlessly integrate. For example, accounting, inventory, customer management, customer service, e-mail, and product and pricing information can be integrated so that many applications are working together.

These days, integration is more affordable and carries less risk than ever due to advances in technology, the availability of specialized tools, and the collective experience of integration experts. Many companies who previously postponed integration are reconsidering that decision in light of their current business climate. The continually rising costs of labor are also a driving business concern.

Now is a great time to consider a plan to move forward with your integration plans. Our integrated solutions help your company to work smarter by capitalizing on integration opportunities.