Integrated Solutions, Inc.

Custom Solutions

ISI creates affordable, customized solutions for clients who have unique workflows and unique best practices. Our custom software packages are built right around your business processes, giving you the perfect fit.

In the long run, custom applications can be very cost-effective. You will never face the problem of the forced updates required by pre-packaged software providers. You can continue to use your custom solution indefinitely with no additional costs.

Our clients enjoy quick results. Many developers routinely take 18 months to implement an application, but we realize that our clients need to start benefiting from their investment as soon as possible. While each project is different, our clients love the fact that we can implement in stages, and they can often start using their solution in 3 to 6 months.

Client Success Story

Often, a client needs to monitor the components of a product as it goes through production. Sometimes the client has been doing this work manually, which can at times result in costly mistakes.

One of our clients sells inventory that is customized for each customer. We created an integrated solution so that when the customer service personnel entered a sale, a production order would automatically be issued. The workflow is then queued, the forklift operators are notified and the materials are delivered to the production department. Workflow is also queued on the production equipment, making the production process quick and easy by providing the settings and the parameters for each job. Once the product is complete and inspected, a label is automatically generated and the shipping department is notified for pickup. The shipping department already knows what size packaging to use and where the package will be sent, and the job is immediately placed on the shipping schedule.

Our client reduced costs, increased quality and production, and now delivers product faster than ever. While your company workflow is unique to your business, it's easy to imagine how you might benefit from our experience in automation. Call us to discuss the possibilities for your business!