Integrated Solutions, Inc.

ERP Add-on Solutions

Is your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software a hindrance to your company's optimal performance? ISI can help you to automate your workflow and address situations where the best practices that are coded into your ERP software do not match the workflow of your company.

Improved workflow may be accomplished by customizing the ERP itself, or by integrating a custom application with the ERP. Whether you are using Lawson, SAP, People Soft, J. D. Edwards, Siebel, or Microsoft Dynamics (including Great Plains), an add-on solution might be just what you need to improve your ERP performance.

Client Success Story

A client approached us with a problem that is common to their business: inventory management. The important job of restocking nursing stations and managing expensive inventory at the hospital was labor intensive and sometimes imprecise.

We developed an inventory system based upon a handheld bar code scanner with a transmission device. Stockers now scan and enter the counts into the device, the information is sent to the inventory room and the shelves are restocked immediately. This application is integrated with Lawson Software, their ERP. Profitability can be easily calculated in the Lawson Software because costs can be allocated to the proper departments. Inventory and cycle counts are also readily available.